Cleaning Washing Machine With Bleach – A Guide

Do you clean your washing machine regularly? You may find it funny about cleaning a machine which is itself made to clean. But the fact is that your washing machine must be cleaned regularly in order to keep it fresh and free from mildew. One of the best and efficient products that you can use for cleaning the washing machine is the bleach. It is quite effective and can eliminate debris, dirt, mildew and molds. You can use the bleach for cleaning both the surface of the washer and its tub. While cleaning the washing machine with bleach, you need to be very careful.


Here are some guidelines that you must follow when cleaning (Provided by SYK Cleaning):

#1: Guide for cleaning top-loading washing machine

You must fill the bleach dispenser with the bleach. If you do not have a bleach dispenser, then simply add one and a half cup of bleach into the tub directly. Then, adjust the temperature to hot as the hot water will help to clean the tub efficiently. This will also help you to get rid of the grease and oils more effectively than cold water. Now you need to run the washer. This will swirl the bleach and hot water around the tub to clean it thoroughly. Pause the cycle as this will allow your machine to get soaked in the bleach water. After a few minutes, run the rinse cycle to ensure that there is no residual bleach in the tub of the washing machine.

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The Lazy Guide to an Effective Carpet Cleaning

It is one of the things that make a house more homey, a room more cozy, an a flooring much warmer. The carpeting is a key element of every house furnishing and no matter whether you are living in a mansion in London or a country house near Bath, you just need it. And while choosing a carpet is an easy-peasy task you are not spending much time on, cleaning the carpet is way more demanding and tiring. And because we are in the era of fast life – fast food, fast travel, fast communication, fast emotion and eventually fast cleaning, we usually cannot be bothered with something more complex than the regular vacuum-cleaning duty. Once a week, or even a month for the non-neat freaks, you are performing your cleaning routine step by step. You are washing the windows and removing the grease from the oven. You are changing the bed sheets and dusting and finally you are reaching the carpet. But what could you do for the stains and should you do something at all? Is spending an hour cleaning the carpet only reasonable and would it result in something good? Is an hour enough and is there a way to easily nail this task without ending up super irritated, bored, and more than annoyed for spending that precious free time at home instead of doing something fun? Fortunately, the solution is easier than you think. Keep on reading and find out more.


Even if you are told that cleaning your carpet more often will transform it drastically, I doubt that you will change the regularity. However, you need to change the regularity you perform a more-than-vacuum cleaning. Someone makes a stain on the carpet, then roll up your sleeves and take care of it right away. Too often if you are fast enough, you will get rid of the stain with things as common as baking soda, white vinegar or colorless alcoholic drink.home-interior-1336163_640 The key point here is the amount of time you will let the stain stay on the carpet. Leave it there for a week and it will stay forever there.


However, even if you are taking care of the stains and none of those could be found on your own carpet, with the time it accumulates dust and grime and it becomes dirtier and dirtier in depth. That is why, you need to find a way to clean the carpet much more seriously ever now in a while. The hard way is buying detergents and specialized cleaning tools, while trying to acquire useful techniques. The short cut is the professional carpet cleaning from SYK End of Tenancy agency. Check this blog out for more cleaning tips. It will save you time and stress as the experienced and expert cleaners could make every carpet shine and solve every cleaning problem in just an hour. So make sure that you arrange an appointment often enough so that you pass the inspection facilely when eventually you are about to move out.

If you are looking to buy new carpet



The Fashion Trends You Need to Nail This Fall

The fall is the season of change. The leaves are falling and so is the temperature. The sunny and green landscapes are replaced by gloomy and muggy yellow and orange ones. The autumn is beautiful and sad. It is colorful and sorrowful. The autumn is an end. It is time for hot cups of tea instead of frozen cocktails. It is time for pumpkins, for blankets, and for love. We are not always outdoors any more. We are not going to the beach and in the mountains, we are not constantly having barbeques, travelling, and being out. Outside is colder and home is warmer and cozier than ever.model-1210147_640 And we cannot help but dive into this season. It surrounds us and hugs us. It makes us stop and turn around. It makes us see the leaves on the ground and it makes is think. The rainy days come more and more often and snuggling in bed is more and more pleasant. But the fall is the season of back to school, back to uni, and back to work, as well. And no matter how much we enjoy being home, we need to go out and we need to look divinely good. So pour yourself a glass of wine, sit comfortably, and get to know how to create the extraordinary and very best autumn outfits.

Layer, Layer, Layer 

The mantra “Put a dress and go out!” is out of date now and you will need far more clothes to be warm. But as a matter of fact, this is a unique opportunity and a requirement for the so charming fall outfits. The solution is simple – just layer. It looks super nice and it makes the outfit somewhat different every time – jeans, sneakers, shirts, sweaters, jackets. Dress, blouse, tights, boots, scarf, jacket. Feel free to put on as many pieces of clothes as you want and know that you will look uh-mazing.